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UM Training Index

  • UM Training Courses?
    NCAS-CMS, organises 3 day workshops to introduce new Unified Model users to the UM modelling infrastructure for UK researchers. The courses are designed to introduce users to the model, the user interface, running the model, debugging common issues, and the type of research that is carried out using the UM.
  • UM Training Course Notes
    Course presentations and the Hands-on exercises for the UM Introduction Course on 18-20 March 2015.
    (Note: You will need to login using your Helpdesk account or as the umdoc user.)

    Core presentations:
    Additional presentations (December 2014):
    • Hands-on practical exercises html pdf
    These exercises can be completed after the course using your own Archer account. First be sure to copy your ssh public-key to Archer. Then, for each UMUI job, set the username, tic-code and FCM extract directory. And ensure that any reservation hand-edits are switched off. You will also need to recompile and re-run the reconfiguration if required.
  • Introduction to Archer
    Material from the introductory course for the Archer HPC service. This gives lots of useful information including hardware details, the software that is available, and how to run jobs.
  • UM FCM tutorial
    An overview of the UM's flexible configuration management system. This tutorial gives a step-by-step guide to running jobs and adding your own code changes.