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UM Training

NCAS-CMS, on behalf of NCAS, organises 1 - 2 day courses/workshops to introduce new Unified Model users to the UM modelling infrastructure for UK researchers. Access to facilities limit the amount of "hands-on" practical modelling that can be done during these courses. The courses are therefore designed to introduce the users to the model, show them the user interface, which is used to set up the model, and to introduce them to the type of research that is being carried out using the UM. Programme details of previous courses/workshops show the scope of the material covered.

If you are interested in attending one of these courses please fill in the form below and you will be notified of the next available training course. Please let us know if there are particular aspects of the UM which you would like to learn about. Course attendees will have the opportunity to use the UMUI and run a UM job but in order to do so must first register as a PUMA user.

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