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UM Training Index

UM Introduction Course

NCAS-CMS organises 3-day workshops that introduce the UM infrastructure for UK researchers, to help new users past the initial steep learning curve usually involved with UM modelling.

These course are usually run twice a year. Please see the NCAS training page for more details and how to apply.

Material from previous courses:

Rose Conversion Course

Rose & Cylc are the replacement user interface and job submission/control system for the UMUI from UM version 10.x. NCAS-CMS ran a 1-day course for users already familiar with running the UM under the UMUI in September 2016, and it is our intention to run this course again in 2017. This course does not cover how the UM itself works so new users are encouraged to attend the UM Introduction Course instead.

The majority of the course will be hands-on exercises supplemented with lectures, covering the following topics:

  • Overview of Rose/Cylc
  • Creating & managing suites
  • How to configure, build and run a UM application
  • Examining Rose suite output
  • Common pitfalls and troubleshooting

Material from previous courses:

To enquire about dates for future courses please ContactUs.

Other Courses

  • UM Rose tutorial
    The Met Office UM Rose tutorial, covering the basics of running the UM with Rose. Note you will need a MOSRS account to view this.
  • UM FCM tutorial
    An overview of the UM's flexible configuration management system. This tutorial gives a step-by-step guide to running jobs and adding your own code changes.


We expect course attendees to have the following background knowledge. Most users will have this, but if not do check the links given.