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NCAS Computational Modelling Services

Due to a security issue the NCAS-CMS website had to be taken down. We have taken this opportunity to redesign, review and deploy a new website. This will obviously take some time, but in the meantime we have attempted to place the most important information here. If there is any information that you require from the old site that has not been replicated here, please raise a request via the CMS Helpdesk.

Welcome to the NCAS Modelling Helpdesk.


In order to raise a new query you need to be an authorised NCAS user or a UK academic user.

Login with your Helpdesk username/password (which you will have received when you registered for PUMA) and then select "New Ticket" from the menu bar above.

If you don't have an account then please contact ncas-umsupport (at)


See the OldTracWelcomePage? for detailed information on getting started with Trac.