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Welcome to the NCAS Computational Modelling Services Website

ARCHER Transition - Modifying PPTransfer

From February 19th the ARCHER RDF will become read-only. This means that to continue archiving and transferring data to JASMIN UM suites will need to be modified to stage data for archiving on the /work disk as well as modifying the pptransfer app to pull the data across from JASMIN rather than using the ARCHER data transfer nodes.

Full instructions on how to modify a UM suite can be found on our website

Single Column Model available in UM VM

The SCM can be run inside the Met Office's UM Virtual Machine. See SCMVM for instructions.

New cf-python release (3.1.0)

We have recently released a new minor version of cf-python, our earth science data analysis library built on a complete implementation of the CF data model.

Improvements made for this latest version, 3.1.0, can be viewed from the official change log ( Note cf-python v.3 is built with, & run using, Python 3.

cf-python 3.1.0 is available to download & view on PyPI & GitHub; instructions for installing it can be found on a dedicated installation page in the official documentation:

CMS Support over Christmas Period

In line with university Christmas closure periods, the CMS team will be unavailable from 21st December 2019 until 2nd January 2020. However, there will also be minimal support on Friday 20th December and after this period until Monday 6th January due to limited availability of staff.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

New versions of cf-python and cf-plot for Python 3

As you probably know, Python 2 is being frozen at the end of this year - so Python 3 is the future!

We are happy to announce that the Python 3 versions of cf-python (v3.0.1) and cf-plot (v3.0.3) are now available for Linux and Mac.

The new cf-plot documentation is in its usual place (, but the new cf-python documentation has moved to a new home:

These new versions are only Python 3-only, and we would encourage new users to start with Python 3. All future training courses will be run using Python 3.

The Python 2 code is still available, of course, and will be fully supported for a limited period - but all new features from now on will only go into the Python 3 libraries.

Both the Python 2 and Python 3 versions of cf-python and cf-plot are already installed on

  • Jasmin@CEDA,
  • Archer
  • Archer Jasmin RDF
  • Reading University RACC cluster

See for access instructions, as well as instructions for personal installations.

We hope that you enjoy using the new versions, and welcome feedback of any nature.

NCAS-CMS provides information services and support for modelling in the atmospheric science community.

The CMS Modelling Helpdesk is now located here: CMS Helpdesk