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Welcome to the NCAS Computational Modelling Services Website

New CMS Helpdesk

On Thurs 1st July 2021 the NCAS-CMS Modelling Helpdesk will move to a new Discourse Forum available at ‚Äč (Note new URL).

The current he …

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PUMA is back

PUMA was successfully rebooted and is now available for use again.


PUMA has gone down. We've arranged for server room access tomorrow morning and will update users when we know more.

In addition we are unable to send to the PUMA mail …

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NCAS-CMS provides information services and support for modelling in the UK Academic Atmospheric Science community.

Our services can be broadly divided into 3 areas:

  • Numerical Modelling:
    Development, Maintenance, Support and Training
  • High Performance Computing:
    Allocation, Management, Support and Advice
  • Other Services:
    Information, tools and utilities. Provide assistance with the provision, management, analysis, and visualisation of data.

The CMS Modelling Helpdesk is now located here: CMS Helpdesk

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