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Porting a UM Suite to ARCHER2


Rose/Cylc Suites

Unfortunately as UM suites can be configured in many ways and there’s no “standard” UM suite configurations it is difficult to provide a comprehensive set of porting instructions. We provide a “quick start” guide which should be appropriate to most UM11.x versions and then further detailed guidance covering changes to the suite *.rc for the move to the SLURM Scheduler.

Ported UM Suites

UM versionSuite idDescriptionBranches + Notes
10.7u-as037HadGEM3-GC3.1 N96ORCA1 PI Control for CMIP6Replace the nemo_sources branch dev_r5518_GO6_package with working copy /home/ros/nemo/branches/dev_r5518_GO6_package to fix nemo_alloc problem

Set ocean ldflags_overrides_suffix to -lstdc++
11.1u-be303/archer2UKESM AMIPfcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.1_archer2_fixes
11.1u-ca103Nesting suitefcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.1_archer2_fixes
11.1u-bu108KPP coupled India domainfcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.1_archer2_fixes
11.2u-be463/archer2GA7.0 N96 UM11.2 AMIP Climate Development (1988 - 2008)fcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.2_archer2_fixes
11.2u-bc964/archer2UKESM coupled PI controlfcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.2_archer2_fixes

cpmip analysis not currently working

set ocean ldflags_overrides_suffix to -lstdc++
11.2will be u-bc613/archer2UKESM coupled Historicalfcm:um.x_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.2_archer2_fixes

cpmip analysis not currently working

set ocean ldflags_overrides_suffix to -lstdc++
11.4u-ca369GA7.0 N96 AMIPfcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.4_archer2_fixes
11.5u-ca370GA7.1 N1280 UM11.5 AMIPfcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.5_archer2_fixes
11.6u-bs251/archer2GA7.0 N96 UM11.6 AMIP Climate Development (1988 - 2008)fcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.6_archer2_fixes
11.6u-cb151N96 ORCA025 GC4.0 main assessment run (CMIP6 forcing)fcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.6_archer2_fixes

11.7u-ca634N96 GA8.0 AMIP Climate Development (1988 - 2008)fcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.7_archer2_fixes
11.9u-cf362N96 ORCA025 GC4.0 UM11.9fcm:um.xm_br/dev/jeffcole/vn11.9_archer2_fixes

No pptransfer app

Table 1. Note, for example, u-be303/archer2 indicates the archer2 branch of u-be303.


Only UMUI versions 7.3 and 8.4 are supported on ARCHER2.

Note: Only the small executables pumf and cumf have been built to run on ARCHER2.

CMS have ported 2 standard jobs to ARCHER2:

UM VersionJob IdDescription
8.4xoxtaGLOMAP + CLASSIC: RJ4.0 GA4.0

See here for instructions on running and porting UMUI jobs to ARCHER2.