NCAS Computational Modelling Services


Unified Model on ARCHER2

CMS have installed UM versions 7.3, 8.4, 10.7, 11.1+ and 12.x on ARCHER2

Getting Started

Several setup steps are required before running the UM for the first time on ARCHER2:

For those that have never run the UM before:

For those that have previously run the UM on ARCHER:

  • Register for an ARCHER2 account.
  • Setup your ARCHER2 environment. Ensure you have the following line in your ~/.bash_profile on ARCHER2:
    . /work/y07/shared/umshared/bin/rose-um-env
    Note: the path change from ARCHER.

UMDIR (umshared)

All UM data and software is installed centrally under /work/y07/shared/umshared.

UKCA input files that used to be under /work/n02/n02/ukca on ARCHER now reside under /work/y07/shared/umshared/ukca.

Users may set UMDIR in their ~/.bash_profile but remember that batch jobs can’t see /home and therefore will not source any scripts that reside there.

Standard Suites

CMS maintain a number of standard suite configuations on ARCHER2. All standard suites available are detailed on the UM Configurations page.

Porting a suite from ARCHER to ARCHER2

See the porting page for instructions on how to port a UM suite or UMUI job to ARCHER2. Example suites that CMS have already ported can also be found on this page.