NCAS Computational Modelling Services


The Computational and Modelling Services (CMS) unit of the Models and Data division of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) provides computational modelling services to the UK academic atmospheric and polar science community to support numerical modelling in climate, weather, and earth-system research.

The main remit of CMS is to provide a range of services for the environmental modelling community, which include:

  • Managing users and usage on national platform for the atmospheric and polar science consortium of the NERC HPC community.

  • Managing infrastructure to support modelling workflows, including code managements systems, and job management and submission systems for the Unified Model.

  • Assistance with porting models onto HPC platforms, including performance testing and bug fixes associated with compiler issues.

  • Managing standard configurations of key model variants in significant usage on national platforms.

  • Acquiring and/or generating ancillary, initial, and/or boundary data for key model variants.

  • Running models and managing the data logistics for large and/or complex modelling programmes.

  • Providing software engineering support ranging from bug fixing to the development of discrete modelling systems.

  • Developing and maintaining bespoke utility software (including graphics packages) for the UK environmental modelling ecosystem.

  • Delivering training for academic users of the Unified Model.

  • Providing advice on HPC usage and procurement.