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Tools and Utilities

Useful Tools and Utilities

Generic Tools

  • cf-python
    The python cf package implements the CF data model for the reading, writing and processing of data and metadata. The package reads CF-netCDF, CFA-netCDF and PP format files, and creates CF-netCDF files. It uses Large Amounts of Massive Arrays (LAMA) functionality, which allows multiple fields larger than the available memory to exist and be manipulated. The package provides command line utilities for viewing CF fields (cfdump) and aggregating datasets (cfa).

  • cf-plot
    cf-plot is a set of Python routines for making the common contour and vector plots that climate researchers use. The data to make a contour plot can be passed to cf-plot using cf-python (above).

  • cf-view
    cf-view is a graphical user interface that is used for plotting Climate and Forecast convention, CF , data.

  • CDO
    CDO, Climate Data Operators, are a collection of command line operators to manipulate and analyse climate model data. Supported data formats are GRIB, netCDF, SERVICE, EXTRA and IEG.

  • CF Compliance Checker
    The CF Compliance Checker checks that a netCDF file which you supply complies with the CF comformance requirements and recommendations. This work was originally done at the Hadley Centre, supported by PRISM (PRogramme for Integrated Earth System Modelling). Development and maintenance has now been taken over by NCAS-CMS. If you have any suggestions for improvement then please email Rosalyn Hatcher (r.s.hatcher @

  • NCO Tools NCO, netCDF Operators, are a suite of programs known as operators. The operators take netCDF files as input, then perfom a set of operations and produce a netCDF files as output. NCO are designed to aid manipulation and analysis of gridded scientific data.

  • xconv
    Xconv is a program designed to convert model output into a format suitable for use in various plotting packages. Xconv is designed to be simple to use with a point and click, windows based interface. Xconv can read Met. Office Unified Model, Met. Office PP, GRIB, netCDF and grads format data. Data can be output in netCDF and grads format.

UM Tools

Modelling Tools