NCAS Computational Modelling Services



Information on Rose and Cylc, used for running scientific workflows; for example the Unified Model.


Rose is a toolkit for writing, editing and running application configurations. Rose uses the Cylc workflow engine for running suites of inter-dependent applications.

Learning to use Rose/Cylc


Unified Model


MOSRS account and password caching

In order to run UM10.x and newer, access roses-u suite repository or any other codes held in a MOSRS repository you first need an account on the Met Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS). Please contact NCAS-CMS to request an account.

Some setup on Monsoon2 is then required to access the remote repository. This is detailed here:

Then follow the link on “how to cache your password”:

This is a little complicated so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

For ARCHER2 users, the setup is included in the PUMA2 instruction page.

Running on Monsoon2

Rose suites are submitted from the Monsoon2 login nodes.

For Rose Bush run firefox http://localhost/rose-bush

A guide to using Rose/Cylc on Monsoon2 can be found in the Monsoon User Guide

Running on ARCHER2

Rose suites are submitted from PUMA2.

There is some setup required to enable submission of suites to ARCHER2. Follow the PUMA2 setup instructions.

Configuring your environment

You can change the default text editors that Rose uses (but note that gvim is not available on PUMA):

Syntax highlighting is available for common editors for the Rose and Cylc configuration files. This is really useful if you are editing these by hand (i.e. not through the Rose editor GUI). For instructions see: