NCAS Computational Modelling Services

NCAS Computational Modelling Services (NCAS-CMS) provides computational modelling services to the UK academic atmospheric and polar science community to support numerical modelling in climate, weather and earth-system research.

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Announcement 15 February 2024

ARCHER2 File copy failures

We have been alerted to a problem copying files on the ARCHER2 /work/n02/n02 file system. The problem is associated with the python shutil file copy functions and results in incomplete file copying.
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User Support

CMS provides user support to the UK atmospheric and polar science community through our Helpdesk, FAQs and online Documentation

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CMS provides HPC resource management, training and software engineering support for the UK atmospheric and polar science community.

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CMS provides the infrastructure to allow users to run various complex modelling workflows (e.g. UM, NEMO, etc) on national platforms. We run the PUMA service for access to modelling codes and the Rose/Cylc workflow software.

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