NCAS Computational Modelling Services

Met Office/NERC Collaboration HPC


Introduction to the Monsoon service

Monsoon (previously referred to as MONSooN or Monsoon2) is the HPC hosted at the Met Office in Exeter and is a key piece of underpinning infrastructure for the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme (JWCRP), a strategic partnership between the Met Office and NERC, which aims to improve collaboration between scientists funded by the two organisations by facilitating:

  • Sharing of modelling results
  • Joint development of software
  • Access to Met Office data

The Monsoon service originally started on 1st December 2009 and ran until 2017. In April 2017 a new contract was agreed to coincide with the new HPC being installed.

The Monsoon service currently consists of:

  • a 556 node Cray XC40 system, that is ~20,000 compute cores in total (The login nodes are an Ivybridge chip, the compute nodes a Broadwell chip)
  • 1008 Tbytes of fast storage, for /home and /project disk areas
  • a postprocessing (linux) system

Further information on Monsoon can be found in the Monsoon2 User Guide

Running the UM on Monsoon

Only UM versions later than 10.x (ie. Rose/Cylc based versions) are availabe on Monsoon.

Instructions for setting up and running Rose/Cylc suites on Monsoon can be found here

Help and Support

For help and support on the Monsoon service users should contact:

  • Monsoon support (monsoon AT for all questions about service delivery, login issues, and current or potential collaborative project proposals.
  • CMS Helpdesk for all questions relating to running the UM on Monsoon.
  • Further information can also be found in the Monsoon User Guide available on MOSRS