NCAS Computational Modelling Services



Repository and Workflow Management

CMS provides the infrastructure to allow users on the national HPC platforms (ARCHER2, Monsoon2, JASMIN, etc) the means to:

  • seamlessly share UM job configurations
  • easily run different versions of model codes; UM, NEMO, CICE, etc
  • efficiently update their models with shared code
  • manage their software development cycle
  • manage their data transfer workflow

The PUMA service, managed by NCAS-CMS, provides centralised access to the Rose/Cylc workflow tools and suite management and editing software, Flexible Configuration Management (FCM) system, UMUI and hosts mirrors of many of the Met Office Science Repository Service (MOSRS) code recpositories.

Tools and Utilities

CMS have developed several utilities for use with various file formats commonly encountered in weather and climate research. Our development effort for tools to manipulate CF netCDF data, in particular, is intensive and ongoing.