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Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe

Dates: 2016-2018

We will be involved in WP3 (Usability) with 6PM funding, and will participate in several activities to design, implement and install a climate software stack to support workflows suitable for running several climate modelling systems.

Task 3.1 ESM End-to-end Workflows Recommendations [Lead: MPG. Participants: DRKZ, BSC, UREAD, Allinea]

  • Task 3.1.1. Requirements and Specification [Lead: MPG; Participants: BSC, UREAD]

    Networking Activity

  • Task 3.1.2. Development of Use Case [Lead: BSC; Participants: MPG, UREAD, Allinea]

    Joint research activity

  • Task 3.1.3. First Installations [Lead: UREAD; Participants: BSC, MPG, Allinea]

    Joint research activity, Development of service

Task 3.2 ESM System Software Stack Recommendations [Lead: BSC. Participants: DKRZ, Allinea, MPG, UREAD]

  • Task 3.2.1 Requirements and Specification [Lead: BSC; Participants: MPG, DKRZ, UREAD, Allinea]

    Networking Activity

  • Task 3.2.3 First Installations [Lead: DKRZ; Participants: BSC, UREAD, Allinea]

    Joint research activity, Development of service

Effort: 6PM