NCAS Computational Modelling Services


Using the UMUI on PUMA2

Here you will find instructions on using the UMUI on PUMA2

UMUI Transition to PUMA2 Timeline

  • Monday 16th October 16:00hrs: UMUI switched off on current PUMA server
  • Tuesday 17th October (AM): UMUI job database copied over to PUMA2 and UMUI service restarted on PUMA2

Important differences from using the UMUI on PUMA:

1) If your username on PUMA2 is different from the username you had on PUMA, you will not be able to edit existing jobs. You first need to copy the job to a new Expt/Job Id.

2) Change the run host from to one of the ARCHER2 login nodes: ln01, ln02, ln03 or ln04.

4) Any paths to local directories like /home/<user> need to be changed to /home/n02/n02/<user>.

5) The SUBMIT button no longer works. To submit a job to ARCHER2, after processing the job as usual, you will then need to run the UMSUBMT_ARCHER2 on the command line:

   cd ~/umui_jobs/<jobid>