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UM Post-processing App

This page details how to upgrade postproc in your suite to include tasks to transfer data to JASMIN using Gridftp and migrate data to JASMIN Elastic Tape using the JDMA.

Upgrading Postproc to use the ARCHER2/JASMIN branch

1. Determine which version of Postproc your suite is currently using

In panel ‘fcm_make_pp -> Configuration’, if config_rev and/or pp_rev is

  • postproc_2.3
    • Follow instructions below substituting X.Y with 2.3 and ppXY_t588 with pp23_t588
  • postproc_2.4
    • Follow instructions below substituting X.Y with 2.4 and ppXY_t588 with pp24_t588

2. Set branches for fcm_make_pp app

  • In panel ‘fcm_make_pp -> Configuration’ set


    Where X.Y is either 2.3 or 2.4 depending on which version of postproc your suite is using.

  • Save and Exit the Rose edit GUI

3. Upgrade postproc app to ppXY_t588

  • Run rose app-upgrade

    cd app/postproc
    rose app-upgrade -M /home/n02/n02/ros/meta/postproc_X.Y_archer2_jasmin_rewrite/rose-meta -a ppXY_t588

    Where X.Y is either 2.3 or 2.4 and ppXY_t588 is either pp2.3_t588 or pp2.4_t588 as appropriate

    Type y when prompted to “Accept y/n”

  • Edit app/postproc/rose-app.conf to set

    meta =  /home/n02/n02/ros/meta/postproc_X.Y_archer2_jasmin_rewrite/rose-meta/archive_and_meaning/postproc/ppXY_t588
  • Launch new Rose Edit window: rose edit

  • Navigate to ‘postproc -> Post Processing - common settings -> ARCHER2-JASMIN’. You should see one panel labelled “Data Transfer”. To load the JASMIN ET panel go to menu option ‘View’ and select ‘View latent pages’. A new grayed out panel ‘Elastic Tape’ should appear.

  • R click on the greyed out “Elastic Tape” and select “add namelist:jasmin_arch”.

  • Click on the red + sign against each variable in the panel (default_workspace, etc) and select “Add to configuration”

  • Save and Close the Rose Edit GUI.

4. Add in the JDMA configuration file and suite metadata:

  • Copy standard config files

    cp ~um1/jdma/jdma.rc ~/roses/<suiteid>
    cp -r ~um1/jdma/metadata/ncas_extras ~/roses/<suite-id>/meta
  • In suite.rc file add the following line to the bottom:

    {% include 'jdma.rc' %}
  • In meta/rose-meta.conf add the following line to the top of the file:

  • Open Rose Edit GUI and under ‘suite conf -> JASMIN Elastic Tape’ click on the red + sign next to “Migrate data to JASMIN Elastic Tape” select “Add to configuration”

  • Save

5. Automatically delete data from ARCHER2 after successful transfer to JASMIN

If you are transferring data to JASMIN please add the following to the Housekeeping app to activate deletion of data from ARCHER2 following successful transfer to JASMIN.\

  • In ‘app/housekeeping/rose-app.conf’ add:


6. Configure PPTransfer and JDMA tasks

Now follow the instructions on how to configure PPTransfer to JASMIN and optionally Data migration to Elastic Tape.