Mule utilities available on ARCHER

The Met Office recently released version 1.3 of Mule. Mule is a Python API for reading & writing UM format files, and a set of utilities to replace the UM executables suc …

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GA7 Optimizations

Work undertaken to optimise Pier Luigi Vidale's N512 GA7 runs by NCAS-CMS has resulted in a 15-20% speed up of the model with no loss of bit-comparison. The savings in A …

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UM Training April 2016

We recently delivered the second of our bi-annual 3-day UM Training courses. This time we hosted 16 attendees from a wide range institutions from across the UK. Three day …

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NCAS Computational Modelling Services

CMS provides HPC resource management and software engineering support for the UK atmospheric and polar science community, and delivers key underpinning infrastructure.

Potential users can contact CMS via the helpdesk or email to CMS staff.

HPC Resource Management


Software Engineering Support




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