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OS upgrade - Unified Model

Details of changes required to UM suites following ARCHER2 OS Upgrade

Following the ARCHER2 OS Upgrade, NCAS-CMS have now rebuilt and tested the majority of underpinning UM software that we maintain. We are happy to announce that users can now resume running the UM on ARCHER2.

Before restarting UM suites, however, there are a number of changes that need to make to the suites. The model executables must also be rebuilt before resuming the run.

Suite changes and instructions on how to restart a suite are detailed on our ARCHER2 OS Upgrade page.

Please note, we are working to increase the coverage for less frequently used suites and versions of the model, so please check the instructions for further updates.

If you encounter any problems please raise them on the NCAS-CMS Helpdesk

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