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Transition to new PUMA

Due primarily to the impending retirement of cloud infrastructure within JASMIN we are moving users to a new server called pumanew. Here you will find information on how to log in to the new server and restart any Rose/Cylc suites.

Login to new PUMA

Please use the address instead of in your login line.

UM workflow ssh-key

Your existing id_rsa_archerum key has been copied over from pumatest - DO NOT generate a new one.

How to restart a cylc suite

  1. Edit the file ~/cylc-run/SUITEID/log/rose-suite-run.conf to change CYLC_VERSION=7.8.7 to CYLC_VERSION=7.8.12

  2. Ensure the Cylc version in your current environment matches this:
    pumanew$ cylc --version
  3. Restart the suite with rose suite-restart. The suite will continuing running from where it left off on pumatest.

    If you get a message saying the suite is already running you need to remove the contact file ~/cylc-run/SUITEID/.service/contact first.

Note: If you don’t update the cylc version, the suite will continue to run ok, but cylc will fail to pull log files back from the remote machine (e.g. ARCHER2). This is due to a change in the behaviour of the newer version of rsync.

Any problems please raise them on the CMS Helpdesk:


  1. How do I access Rose Bush (Cylc Review)?

Rose Bush (Cylc Review) is currently not available on pumanew due to lack of webserver.

Known Issues

  1. Cylc Graph is currently not working. We are investigating.

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